Changing Societies to the better, one social enterprise at a time

Passionate about bringing opportunity to those who need it the most, I work in this space in both my personal and professional capacity.

Coaching the next generation

about me

I was born on July 23rd, 1997, speak 4 languages and traveled to 40 countries.


…when I am not fully immersed in Volunteerism, Employability or Femtech.

I live between Lebanon & Egypt

I find it a privilege to count two homes and be a local of multiple cities.

DID ANYBODY Mention stand-up comedy?

Four years of regularly attending Stand Up, led me to turn mishaps into performances Arabs can relate to.


Whether you would like me to get involved on the ground or on the strategic level, I’d love to support you! This is what I enjoy doing the most. 

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Malak is a natural born entrepreneur who possesses many of the entrepreneurial skills we read about in ‘successful entrepreneurs books’. At this young age, she demonstrates high maturity, very fast mind, and dedication to her work and vision. I recommend Malak as a future manager, employee, mentor, mentee, and founder. She is a joy to collaborate with and has a very bright future.

Rime Diab Founder, Digital Prestige

You recognize an exceptional person when you meet one. Malak has the rare combination of a purpose driven vision, uncensored creativity, talent and the energy it takes to move mountains. All this in a context that sadly is not really conducive to enabling startups, quite the opposite. At the Lebanese Food Bank, we have been collaborating with Malak and The Volunteer Circle (TVC) and this has been a game changer for our impact & reach as an organization. Intuitively, I would say that TVC has the potential to become a global, scalable venture. Way to go Malak ! I am so proud of our youth (and especially the young women like you amongst them) showing leadership and vision at levels that we haven’t seen in Lebanon for a very long time. Make sure you always reach out for any support I could provide, on your journey to changing your world.

Walid Maalouf Lebanese Food Bank, Board Member

Malak is a powerful, energetic and passionate entrepreneur. She is always eager to learn, to move forward and to succeed. She is credible when it comes to trust her and her deliveries. I would recommend you working with her and I am sure you won't be disappointed. Malak, your impact on the society is huge and your mission driven by your heart will keep you going higher and higher into the success ladder.. Keep on creating the change you believe in.

Roula Eid Sawan Executive Team Coach

ربما من المميز جداً.. في هذه الأوقات واندفاع المدربين والميسرين للجلسات .. أن نجد مُدرب نشعر معه بالراحة التامّة والأُلفة التي تشبه لقاء صديق منذ وقتٍ طويل، تشاركه مخاوفك ومشاكلك فيحولها إلى حلول وصعوبات ويحفزنا لتخطيها بطرق فعّالة.. هذه هي ملك، التي مزجت بشكل كبير ورائع ومُبهر بين المعلومات القيمة والأسلوب الحذاب البسيط وغمرتنا في جلسة تدريبة "لبناء الفريق" بمشاعر لا تشبه سواها .. وجعلتنا نفتح قلوبنا بكل صدقٍ، وافتتحت الورشة بعبارة راسخة بعقلي وبإبتسامةٍ لطيفة "أنا متلي متلكن ورح نتشارك سوا معلومات ونتعلم من بعض" .. قدّي حلو ومميز وجود أشخاص متلك يا ملك وكتير محظوظين نحنا ك فريق عزم الشباب برجا انو حظينا بلقائك، ونتمى أن تُعاد اللقاءات .. مرّات كثيرة. شكراً لكل شيء .

Rania Alayan Student at Lebanese University

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